Above the Alpine Art

Above the Alpine Art was founded by Dee, a wildland firefighter and nonprofit Executive Director, in October 2018 and is a growing small business. The Above the Alpine Art brand is about art inspiring and sharing our human connection to nature, encouraging us to wander, and reminding us to always make time for creativity and outdoor adventure. Above the Alpine aims to create art that embodies the feelings of joy and harmony that you feel while in nature.
* Available in RiNo and Central Park



                  Alexis Nicole Art

Alexis came home to a place she had never been before over 20 years ago when she moved to Colorado. She lives in Littleton raising a son and a daughter, working on attaining her BFA in Communication Design at Metro State University.

She is inspired by Colorado scenery, wildflowers, and landmarks, and by the long tradition of travel posters. These beautifully composed and bold prints are a perfect addition to anyone‘s decor and a wonderful memento of their time in Colorado.
Alexis Nicole takes a photo of the location, imports the photo into Adobe Illustrator and then turns then "draws" on top of the photo to create a one-of-a-kind image, which is what you see before you. This artwork is digitally printed on heavy stock and can be displayed with or without frames.
* Available in RiNo and Central Park


              Alyson Jaye Artwork

Inspired by nature and the Rocky Mountains, I create textured pieces that contain small moments of joy; similar to life: textured but beautiful.
* Available in RiNo 


                        A.V. Art 

Alex Ventress is a local painter here in Denver, CO. She is a young African-American woman who currently is in graduate school at the University of Denver for Clinical Psychology. Like everyone else, the pandemic gave Alex ample time to discover new hobbies and talents. With her time, she began to paint for her own enjoyment, her mental health, and to surprise her friends and family with gifts. Denver has given her so much inspiration due to its iconic views and abundant nature Alex enjoys hiking and capturing pictures that she can turn into various types of paintings. Through her paintings Alex hopes to exemplify fun, beauty of nature, and a sense of calmness. 
* Available in RiNo and Central Park



                       Brevity Art

Corrin, the voice and vision behind Brevity Art is a mixed media illustrator and fine artist. Human connection, beauty found in nature and all small critters excite her. She translates this excitement through pencils and paintbrushes, allowing peace, belonging, and hope to flow through her work. Art has always been a safe place for her to express herself, process, and celebrate life.  By authentically living her own creative lifestyle, she seeks to bring beauty to others and encourage their unique passions and dreams.

After much thought (and prayer) she chose the name ‘Brevity’. She decided upon this name because much of her work reflects brief moments in time or small creatures found nature whose lives are quite short. Creating art that inspires and brings joy is a passion that fills Corrin to her core. Her hope is that through the pursuit of her passions, she can encourage others to do the same. Our lives are too brief to not be enjoyed and committed to our life’s work. Her hope is that we all find joy, peace and belonging in our beautiful, yet brief, lives.
* Available in RiNo and Central Park



               Carol Ann Waugh Art

Carol Ann Waugh is a full-time studio artist, best known as a fiber artist. She has exhibited her art and taught her techniques all over the world, as well as online at  Her art has been commissioned by individuals, as well as hospitals and corporations.  She is the author of 5 books on fiber art and quilt-making.  

Most recently, Carol has turned her artistic talents to making artist books and mixed media paintings. Her artist books range from “junk journals”, which are original paintings enclosed into book form, to blank notebooks and journals.  Each book is unique and a work of original art.  Her mixed media paintings are created with acrylic paints and markers, with collaged papers created with gel prints, hand-made marks. Some are even printed papers from old books. 

This incredibly talented artist’s passion is all about color, pattern and texture — regardless of the medium.  Carol’s vision of “fiber” extends beyond fabric and thread and includes papers and mark-making of all types.  As a mixed media artist, she enjoys exploring and extending the boundaries of artistic expression. 

Carol hopes you will pick something up, hold it in your hands, and enjoy the fun of touching and connecting with her through her art!
* Available in RiNo 



                      fern + skye

 Lauren McLaughlin is an artist, adventurer, wife, dog mom, and born-and-raised Texan living in the beautiful state of Colorado.  Lauren describes her design style as a delicate balance between the minimalist and the intricate, which combines her inspiration of wildflowers with the never-ending pull that wanderlust has on her heart. Fern + Skye is a compilation of Lauren’s passions!

Essentially, all of Lauren’s free time is spent outside exploring and appreciating the natural beauty in this world. It's the reason she creates everything she makes. 

It is Lauren’s mission to give back to the very source of her inspiration and she uses Fern + Skye to do just that! In pursuit of supporting the very places that inspire her the most, a portion of all of Fern + Skye's proceeds go to The National Parks Foundation. 

Lauren thanks everyone whose support has helped her bring Fern + Skye's purpose to life!
* Available in RiNo 



                     Naked Bandit

 NB has always been a creative, but she never dedicated time to being an artist until 2020 during the lockdown. It was during that time when her pre-med endeavors were put on pause, and she was able to truly expand on her artistic side. During this time, she had the opportunity to road trip across the Western US, which inspired many of her pieces. From old historic saloons, to hiking, and skiing, NB fell in love with what the West had to offer, and that became quite evident in her art pieces she made along the way. Unlike traditional mountain-style art prints, NB's pieces incorporate her love for the mountains with a pop-art flair that she sprinkles into every piece. Life is too short to be scared of using bright colors in artwork! 

The Naked Bandit Apres Collection is inspired in one part by all the time spent skiing, and another by all the time spent AFTER skiing. There's truly no better feeling than unclipping your ski boots, cozying up to a warm bar, and sipping a Hot Toddy or Negroni after a long ski day. That feeling alone can be captured in so many forms of my artwork, I couldn't limit myself to one piece, I had to make a whole collection of it. 
* Available in RiNo and Central Park


                Teresa Castaneda

I am a Colorado native, multidisciplinary artist and certified jeweler participating in national/international shows and commissions in painting, sculpture, photography, and lapidary. Recognized twice by the National Endowment for the Arts for my invention in printmaking then again for my positive impact on the community with the 12 year old zero-use project I founded called ReArranging Denver. Assemblage art made from recycled materials such as “Green Roses” produced from the project has been sold by 20 Denver retailers, The Boulder Museum of Contemporary art, Museo, and the Denver Art Museum. 
* Available in RiNo and Central Park