Meet Our Vendors

  Abide Malas

Several years ago, I was invited to a gathering at a friend’s house where I created my very first mala. It took hours. Each stone was chosen with care, the design laid out and strung. The greatest challenge was found in the knots, carefully tied between each stone. Each step was full of beauty and meaning. With a background in both the arts and yoga, I immediately fell in love with the process as I found the intersection of my two greatest passions in one object.

Mala beads, with their roots in Hinduism and Buddhism, have been used for 1000’s of years to help focus the mind in meditation. Each type of stone is believed to hold a different intention, allowing you to carry your hopes and dreams for your life with you throughout your day. 


Above the Alpine Art


Above the Alpine Art was founded by Dee, a wildland firefighter and nonprofit Executive Director, in October 2018 and is a growing small business. The Above the Alpine Art brand is about art inspiring and sharing our human connection to nature, encouraging us to wander, and reminding us to always make time for creativity and outdoor adventure. Above the Alpine aims to create art that embodies the feelings of joy and harmony that you feel while in nature.


 Adventuress Soap Co.

Hi I'm Julie - the adventuress behind the Adventuress Soap Co. 

The Adventuress Soap Co was founded in 2018 and our motto is "Shower. Adventure. Repeat."

I discovered a love of soap making back when I was an ex-pat living in China. One day, as I was walking along the leafy covered avenues of Shanghai, the scent of incense mingled with the humid air and led me to an idea: what if I made a soap and fragrance line inspired by my travels around the world? As a born traveler, I wanted to create a line of soaps and fragrances that could transport you to other places wherever you are. Fragrance is one of the most visceral of the senses and it has the power to transport you instantly back to a memory, place or person

I want my products to give you a slice of wanderlust wherever you are and I hope you make every moment into an adventure.


   Adventurist Soap Co 


Daina, the proud owner of Adventurist Soap Co. lives in Morrison, CO, home to the world-famous Red Rocks amphitheater! She founded Adventurist Soap Co. in March of 2020 and built it on the belief that outdoor adventure and environmental stewardship foster happiness.

Daina fell in love with the idea of creating products that people love and a story that people resonate with. Her passion is to make products composed with the same beautiful simplicity as the nature that engineers them. The names of the products are inspired by the Colorado Rockies and terms steadily used in the outdoor community.

Adventurist Soap Co. is devoted to living sustainably and adventurously and to motivate those we encounter to do the same. Her natural skincare products make a great pairing for the eco-conscious shopper with the adventurous spirit. You can feel at ease knowing that her products are designed with your health and happiness in mind.


   Alexis Nicole Art

Alexis came home to a place she had never been before over 20 years ago when she moved to Colorado. She lives in Littleton raising a son and a daughter, working on attaining her BFA in Communication Design at Metro State University.

She is inspired by Colorado scenery, wildflowers, and landmarks, and by the long tradition of travel posters. These beautifully composed and bold prints are a perfect addition to anyone‘s decor and a wonderful memento of their time in Colorado.
Alexis Nicole takes a photo of the location, imports the photo into Adobe Illustrator and then turns then "draws" on top of the photo to create a one-of-a-kind image, which is what you see before you. This artwork is digitally printed on heavy stock and can be displayed with or without frames.


    Algorythm Designs

Algorythm designs was created as a remedial effort in the sustainable clothing movement, practicing these ethics diligently through the production of all of their products. The highest form of sustainability is the continued use of a product so we "re-design" brand new products that couldn't be sold by the original manufacturer. This gives the garment new life and another chance to enter the market with a higher value and original design. Owner, Crys Shannon creates each piece with a unique fabric design and uses stitch work and graphic design elements to give the concept dimension. Each jacket is a one-of-a-kind piece that will never be made the same way.


  Alight Custom Laser Crafted

As a welder, fabricator, and machinist, Jacob collected expensive equipment. With an eye for designing, his wife, Brittany started looking at his work and wondered what else she could create with the same tools.What started as art projects for her son's nursery quickly turned into a full-time home-based Laser-Crafted Goods business.Since 2017, Brittany has been creating custom designed home décor, personalized gifts, wedding pieces, business branded items and so much more. 


Alyson Jaye Artwork

Inspired by nature and the Rocky Mountains, I create textured pieces that contain small moments of joy; similar to life: textured but beautiful.

     Anne Franklin Designs





     Appaloosa Knit Co


Hello, I'm Amanda, the person behind Appaloosa Knit Co.  I'm a software engineer who used some of my extra time during the height of the pandemic to learn how to knit.  After seeing the work of others on Instagram, I decided that I wanted to give it a try for myself.  What had started out as something that was just for fun and something to do to pass some extra free time, quickly became a collection of hats with no idea what to do with them all.  It didn't take long before I was sharing them with friends and family, which quickly turned into sharing them with anyone I could.  Each hat is handmade by me from 100% natural wool fibers and with a lot of love.  It's my hope that they keep you warm and cozy during all of your adventures.



     Art of Left Field


I've always loved baseball. I'm told when I was a baby I had colic and would only stop crying when a baseball game was on tv. As I got older my baseball love had highs and lows just like in any relationship. I remember hiding under the covers in middle school, watching Braves games on a tiny Sony Watchman black and white tv with an antenna, hoping I wouldn't get caught. I went to college in Boulder and hearing anyone utter the word baseball was rare. During that time I'd watch the World Series and that was it. Then I moved near the ballpark in Denver and all the baseball love came back. It's been there ever since.

Since childhood I either took or taught some kind of art class. I even went to CU Boulder as an art major. 

I always thought of those as 2 very different sides of me. It never occurred to me that I could create a life for myself that revolves around both baseball and art. Then I made a necklace out of a baseball for myself. I had spent time searching for the perfect baseball accessory and was unable to find what I was looking for, so I made it myself. That's where it all began. My love of baseball and art led to the creation of Art of Left Field, a place where I can combine my passions. My primary focus is to take a real piece of what you love and make it into something you can wear, whether it be a baseball, a baseball glove, or even a beer can. Hopefully you enjoy the pieces I've made as much as I enjoy creating them!


      Aspire Colorado


Aspire Colorado is an environmentally conscious company based in Golden, CO that provides natural personal care products and household products with the goal of cleaning up our environment, one product at a time.  The products we use on our bodies and in our homes ultimately end up either inside our bodies, in the environment, or both.  This is why it is so very, very important to use simple, biodegradable, all natural products that are free of toxins and unneeded components. Our products are made with basic ingredients that are better for you and better for the environment.  Aspire helps us go zero waste to landfill, by refilling our personal care and home cleaning products.  The containers are recyclable and can be re-used several times by refilling. Our products are affordable too.  We want to make it easy and affordable to be sustainable and responsible by using local natural wellness products and reducing plastic waste.

A.V. Art 

Alex Ventress is a local painter here in Denver, CO. She is a young African-American woman who currently is in graduate school at the University of Denver for Clinical Psychology. Like everyone else, the pandemic gave Alex ample time to discover new hobbies and talents. With her time, she began to paint for her own enjoyment, her mental health, and to surprise her friends and family with gifts. Denver has given her so much inspiration due to its iconic views and abundant nature Alex enjoys hiking and capturing pictures that she can turn into various types of paintings. Through her paintings Alex hopes to exemplify fun, beauty of nature, and a sense of calmness. 




Be-stow is the multi-generational team of father-daughter duo, Kim McClelland and Noelle Shearer. Noelle grew up surrounded by art and beauty and her desire is to continue to add beauty to the world by creating affordable, accessible art. She designs and creates in brass and leather, often including her dad's incredible scrimshaw engravings. Kim has been an award-winning scrimshaw artist since 1975, and has had his work featured around the world, including at the White House.

"There's something wonderful about finding the perfect gift, for someone else, or for yourself! Be-stow exists for those special moments- adding handmade beauty to your life, and to those you care most about. Enjoy your handmade gift and know that your purchase helps support our refugee neighbors in the Denver Metro area through Project Worthmore."


      Bee Squared


Beth Conrey, the owner of Bee Squared Apiaries, a small beekeeping operation located in Berthoud, Colorado, has 125 hives in various locations in Weld, Larimer and Boulder counties. She began beekeeping some 20 years ago after reading a series of newspaper columns on beekeeping. Her friend’s articles inspired her to take a beekeeping class and the rest, as they say, is history. She started out innocently enough with just 2 hives and found herself fascinated. “When you are out in a lawn chair watching bees I remain captivated by the ability of this social insect to produce food for human consumption—the only insect to do so.”

The mission of Bee Squared is to “Bee Exponentially Better” as defined by the following:

  • We will sustainably produce, source, harvest, pack and distribute hive products.
  • We will provide our employees with a compensation and benefit package that exceeds the industry standard.
  • We will donate a minimum of 1% of sales to pollinator causes.


    Brennan Candle Co

Brennan Candle Co. is a hand poured candle company. Their clean-burning products are made with 100% soy wax, and each candle is vegan and cruelty free.

“I’m never going to make a business out of this!” That’s what owner Valery told her husband back in 2018 when they started making candles for fun. Well…two years later, in the midst of a pandemic, she was itching to break into the candle industry with a product that is fun, yet still elevated.

Brennan Candle Co. specializes in unique scent blends coupled with a clean, minimalist design that fits in any home. The signature collection features scents that are perfect year-round, while their limited-edition collections bring the beauty of each season into your personal space!


         Brevity Art

Corrin, the voice and vision behind Brevity Art is a mixed media illustrator and fine artist. Human connection, beauty found in nature and all small critters excite her. She translates this excitement through pencils and paintbrushes, allowing peace, belonging, and hope to flow through her work. Art has always been a safe place for her to express herself, process, and celebrate life.  By authentically living her own creative lifestyle, she seeks to bring beauty to others and encourage their unique passions and dreams.

After much thought (and prayer) she chose the name ‘Brevity’. She decided upon this name because much of her work reflects brief moments in time or small creatures found nature whose lives are quite short. Creating art that inspires and brings joy is a passion that fills Corrin to her core. Her hope is that through the pursuit of her passions, she can encourage others to do the same. Our lives are too brief to not be enjoyed and committed to our life’s work. Her hope is that we all find joy, peace and belonging in our beautiful, yet brief, lives.


     Carol Ann Waugh Art

Carol Ann Waugh is a full-time studio artist, best known as a fiber artist. She has exhibited her art and taught her techniques all over the world, as well as online at  Her art has been commissioned by individuals, as well as hospitals and corporations.  She is the author of 5 books on fiber art and quilt-making.  

Most recently, Carol has turned her artistic talents to making artist books and mixed media paintings. Her artist books range from “junk journals”, which are original paintings enclosed into book form, to blank notebooks and journals.  Each book is unique and a work of original art.  Her mixed media paintings are created with acrylic paints and markers, with collaged papers created with gel prints, hand-made marks. Some are even printed papers from old books. 

This incredibly talented artist’s passion is all about color, pattern and texture — regardless of the medium.  Carol’s vision of “fiber” extends beyond fabric and thread and includes papers and mark-making of all types.  As a mixed media artist, she enjoys exploring and extending the boundaries of artistic expression. 

Carol hopes you will pick something up, hold it in your hands, and enjoy the fun of touching and connecting with her through her art!



   Centennial Candle Co.


Nicki Krob, who makes her home in southwest Colorado in the quaint small town of Cortez, has always had a love of candles (an obsession really!) and a passion for her state of Colorado. In 2017, as she was planning her wedding, she stumbled upon a candle making kit. She thought, “What a cute wedding favor this would be!” The rest became history! 

After making favors for her wedding, Nicki began toying with candle making as a hobby, and soon after, her business was formed. The first candle she ever created was “The Colorado Spruce” with the intent that all her candles would be Colorado themed and have what she considers “fun little stories and tidbits” about the state on the back of her candles. 

Colorado is “The Centennial State”, so naturally, Centennial Candle Company was born. Each product created by Centennial Candle Co. is made with simple and natural ingredients. What Nicki discovered in the process of building her business is her mission to surround YOU with the VERY best!


 Daisy Cutter Designs 

Cindy Chavez, owner of Daisy Dog Designs Co & Daisy Cutter Designs, became a seamstress 19 years ago. Coming from a family of tailors from Mexico, Cindy is proud to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps who ran a suit company for men. Cindy started with her women’s clothing company, Daisy Cutter Designs about five years ago. Incorporating dog clothes 2 years with Daisy Dog Designs, Cindy fills her micro shops with all her favorite items. She loves gathering items from all over to share with her customers.   

  Dante Perozzi Jewelry

Owner Dante has a background and education in sculpture and new genre artwork from which she showcased in LA where she lived. After a metal smithing class, she acquired a new material skillset to incorporate into the body of her sculptural work. Becoming quickly obsessed with the new medium, she began translating her sculptural forms into wearable jewelry designs.

In her studio practice, each new design is building on the last. She often finds small elements of previous designs that inspire her on the merit of their form. Pulling them forward to develop them into new ideas and a cohesive collection to keep her connected to her artistic foundations while bringing purposeful, powerful objects into the world.

DPJ Studio is committed to eco-efficient practices using only recycled metals and ethically sourced materials whenever possible. Dante primarily works with sterling silver and brass using the Lost Wax casting method, which means she first creates her designs in wax and then casts them into metal. Additionally, she uses fabrication techniques such as shaping and forming designs directly from sheets of metal and wire.


   east & market

Renee is a fiber artist who makes her home in Aurora, Colorado with her husband and two young boys. When she’s not working full time with children with disabilities as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Renee uses any spare time she can find to create. Her works include a variety of techniques to include weaving, tufting, macrame and sewing. 

This talented artist attended The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she was formally trained in metalsmithing and crafts. Her craft has evolved over the years, and she now finds herself immersed in all-things fiber and equally passionate about east & market, her very own company!

Renee is drawn to simple but bold designs, using neutral and earth tones. She absolutely loves the freedom art allows her, and the ability to “think up” and create to her heart’s desire.

Renee’s mission is to create sustainable artwork, whether it involves using recycled materials, zero waste methods or eco-friendly supplies. Her work is inspired by ancient art, nature, geometric design, along with a huge dose of positive energy!



       fern + skye


 Lauren McLaughlin is an artist, adventurer, wife, dog mom, and born-and-raised Texan living in the beautiful state of Colorado.  Lauren describes her design style as a delicate balance between the minimalist and the intricate, which combines her inspiration of wildflowers with the never-ending pull that wanderlust has on her heart. Fern + Skye is a compilation of Lauren’s passions!

Essentially, all of Lauren’s free time is spent outside exploring and appreciating the natural beauty in this world. It's the reason she creates everything she makes. 

It is Lauren’s mission to give back to the very source of her inspiration and she uses Fern + Skye to do just that! In pursuit of supporting the very places that inspire her the most, a portion of all of Fern + Skye's proceeds go to The National Parks Foundation. 

Lauren thanks everyone whose support has helped her bring Fern + Skye's purpose to life!


 Fleetwood Candle Co.

Taylor is a ceramic and candle maker located in Thornton, CO. In 2020, Taylor was working full time as a Special Education teacher and began making candles and clay earrings as a hobby during the pandemic.

In 2021, Taylor left her career in Special Education to pursue her dream of creating art full time. That same year, she and her husband took a leap of faith and moved from their home in Rhode Island to Colorado. Once settled in Colorado, she was able to find a local community of artists that continue to inspire and encourage her work.

Taylor's love of color and flowers is showcased throughout her work and across all mediums. She is a one woman show, creating each item intricately by hand with love and good energy. She believes that gift giving is a pure form of happiness and hopes that her creations will inspire both the giver and the receiver of her products.


   good intentions


     Heritage & Bloom

Allison Song is the designer and proud owner of Heritage & Bloom, a small batch accessories brand. She is a Korean American creative entrepreneur currently living in Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband and two brindle fur babies.

With a lifelong love of working and creating with her hands, Allison is passionate about sharing her favorite designs with the world around her. She views her company as a means to intersect her passion for handmade accessories with the exploration of her cultural traditions. She is constantly inspired by the juxtaposition and balance of life. 

Through Heritage & Bloom, Allison’s intent is to unearth and discover more of her personal narrative with hopes of inspiring others to do the same. She desires to create a space where contrasts can not only co-exist, but also inspire a harmonious and beautiful balance when bridged together - the old with the new, the broken with the beautiful, the raw with the refined, and the roots with the blooms.



     Hidden Lotus Crafts

Hidden Lotus Crafts Ltd. was founded by Laura Koch, who after spending seven months in India, was compelled to be a part of the solution to empower women in India and Nepal through fair wages and education, as well as her important mission to help end human trafficking. Each of their partner organizations, who provide Hidden Lotus Craft’s beautiful product assortment, is fully committed to providing safe jobs, adequate training, and the much-needed education in their fight to end exploitation and trafficking. 

Laura feels so privileged to have been able to personally meet the women and businesses that create the product offerings offered through Hidden Lotus Crafts. Each piece is handcrafted with love, a tremendous amount of talent, and the desire by women across these great countries to have their products spotlighted and sold in the efforts to be a part of the greater good.

Through this great company, it is Laura’s desire to support and empower these women, to end human trafficking, to empower women across the world, and through all their endeavors, LET HOPE RISE!




      Honey Co


Honey Co is a unique collection of handmade jewelry and textile art made for the conscious shopper in search of one-of-a-kind conversation pieces. Each beautiful piece is crafted by hand or created in very small batches, right here in Denver, Colorado!

Karli founded Honey Co as an outlet to channel her love and passion for creating things of beauty. She focuses on creating pieces that explore organic lines and textures. Karli uses traditional techniques of metalsmithing in her jewelry, as well as different forms of fabric manipulation in her textile art. She describes her style of making as “perfectly imperfect”. 

This Honey Co artist loves pulling inspiration from anything and everything around her. Many of her works are an abstraction of beautiful simplicities that she encounters in everyday life. Karli hopes that her work can bring as much joy to the people who enjoy it as it does for her when she creates it! 


 Human Nature Designs


Emily Backus, designer and founder of Human Nature Designs, has a thoughtful, unique perspective on life: 

Each one of us is a part of nature, and nature is a part of each one of us. With the urban-industrial shift in mindset, our true nature is easy to forget. We spend more time staring at screens than staring at the sky, and more time listening to computers pinging than birds singing. Yet, when we hold our relationship with nature in the highest regard, we reap the benefits of better health, extended longevity, and more meaningful lives.

Profound words, ones that inspired Emily to start a company that embodied her philosophies - Human Nature Designs. Emily sees her designs as a venue to help you pay reverence to nature and your favorite places in it. She aims to bring a different kind of souvenir to the market - one that is crafted with intention and a deep appreciation for Mother Earth.


   Indigo Avenue

Indigo Avenue is a small ring business local to Fort Collins, Colorado, that is based around conservation and sustainability. Each ring is made from various antique spoons and up cycled to make a one-of-a-kind jewelry. 10% of every ring sold at Indigo Avenue is donated to an organization called Boon Lotts Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand. Boon Lotts primary focus is to rehabilitate elephants who have suffered from abuse and starvation for most of their lives.


Jenny Vogt Ceramics



       Junque Food

Junk food is traditionally a naughty word – don’t eat junk food, it’s rot your teeth, make you gain weight, blah blah blah. I took the idea of something that is meant to be negative and wanted to make it all about positivity. Because girl, you deserve that donut AND that cute headband, mmmkayyy.

I grew up with entrepreneurial parents who were either hustling a paper route to be home with the babies or selling cars out of the front yard to make ends meet. When I grew up, I wanted two things: a family and a business I could call my own.

Along the way I learned that I didn’t just want to have a business to make ends meet, I wanted a business where I felt like I was helping others and where I could share my passion for body positivity. In 2020 I started to make and donate masks to healthcare heroes to help with something I knew how to do – sew! From there Junque Food was born.


      Kairos Traders


The owners of Kairos Traders partner with unique, yet remarkable small businesses all over the world. Each business brings employment to impoverished communities that are source villages for human trafficking and exploitation, or they are hiring survivors of human trafficking, exploitation, or marginalization.

Kairos Traders believe that they have the opportunity to make a difference in these issues and want to invite you to be a part of a new shopping experience that is purposeful.


     Kompass Apparel 


Kompass Apparel is outdoor-inspired lifestyle clothing for men and women. Kynsi, started this brand in 2015 after graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in apparel merchandising. Kynsi is a Colorado native and outdoor enthusiast which has lead her to explore many places in Colorado and all over the world. Each design is thoughtfully created by hand and influenced by one of her adventures. Her clothes are made from a triblend material making them super soft and great for layering and are printed locally in Denver, Colorado. Kynsi is passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle and she wants to motivate people to "Find Their Path" in life and pursue it while feeling confident in themselves. 


Loom Colorado

As a child, I would visit the old Spanish Guild towns of my ancestors in the beautiful countryside of Ecuador. I would stand in wonder and see all the vibrant beautiful colors in the marketplace. There my eyes could hardly take in all the bright shades of the rainbow and the warm tones of home. Then my small fingers would dance with delight from the textures of the rich woven Alpaca blankets and scarves.

The amazing craftsmanship of a Alpaca blanket is something more than to just be seen; it’s something to be felt, - something to be cherished. It’s a gift from true friends and loved ones. It’s also the perfect gift to give to yourself as well. Alpaca textiles are timeless classics.

These blankets and throws are perfect for your bedroom, living room sofa, and around your shoulders on chilly nights and mornings.

I wanted to share a part of my country’s heritage with you and so I created Loom Colorado to be your best “local” source for Ecuadorian made Alpaca blended blankets, scarves, shawls, throws, ponchos, and much, much more. I wanted to create a website that could hopefully bring you the open market experience and to bring to you items that you will truly desire and cherish for a lifetime.


     LUX + LUCA

Cassandra (Cassie) Lourie is a self-taught jewelry designer + metalsmith originally from Santa Barbara, CA. After moving to Denver from California in 2010, Cassie found a love for up cycled + steampunk style jewelry after a life changing trip to Burning Man. Overflowing with ideas from that trip, she began to make jewelry for herself + as gifts for others. Gradually, with the help of YouTube + a lot of trial + error, Cassie began to hone her craft + her first jewelry line was created: Broken Revolt. In 2012, Cassie won Denver Accessory Artist of the Year, giving her the confidence she needed to begin turning her hobby into a Side Hustle for actual money. In 2016, she made the life changing decision to turn her passion into a full-blown career + with that, Lux + Luca Jewelry Company was born.

Lux + Luca became one part snark + sass + one part bold + elegance. Joan Jett meets Farrah Fawcett, Leather + Lace, Motor oil + Champagne. Cassie wanted to create a jewelry line that was a perfect marrying of Bold + Feminine while inspiring people to step outside their comfort zones + embracing the Grit + Grace that is our everyday lives. Lux + Luca is for everyone with a little edge or anyone who wants some.  Lux + Luca will continue to evolve + bring you the highest quality with the uniqueness + personal attention you have grown to love + expect. And as always, Lux + Luca has your back + neck + wrist.

Welcome To The (Girl) Gang!



      Maia Foods


I am Madhavi (pronounced Ma-duh-vee), the small business owner and chef behind Maia Foods (pronounced Ma-ya).

I grew up in the western city of Pune, India, and after spending some time in Europe, we crisscrossed the US for several years having had to follow our jobs. Finally, in 2005, our family, my husband and two daughters, made our permanent home in Denver, Colorado.

A lifelong educator, I inhabit two very different worlds of academia and entrepreneurship. By day, I teach at a local university in a teacher education program and train teachers and administrators. And in the evenings and weekends, I run my small business, which has allowed me to claim a tiny space in Indian vegetarian cooking. This journey brings me immense learning and allows me to connect with a community of small business owners, immigrant entrepreneurs, foodies, and chefs.

The food I make at home remains a reflection of my travel history. I continue to draw inspiration from the many people I’ve met, and the places, techniques, and ingredients that I have come to love. I started Maia Foods as a cottage business in 2019 when my daughters left home for college. I was looking for a way to share Indian food heritage and culture and when friends offered to buy my homemade ghee on a regular basis, the business was born. I love to demystify Indian cuisine and share it with others. This led to the creation of Indian meal kits such as soups, khichadi, rice, and dals and then to spice blends or masalas.

I try to spend a few hours every week practicing yoga and meditation or taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors of Colorado by walking, hiking, or biking on the trails. 

I love connecting with customers so do reach out or visit my food blog for vegetarian and vegan recipes.


     Mar Designs 


The world of baby and toddler accessories can be overwhelming. As I was pulling together my baby registry in preparation for the arrival of our daughter in 2019, I had a hard time finding products that were neutral and functional. The main questions I asked myself were "what are the absolute essentials and will they work as needed?". To be sure of the answers, I decided to make those products myself. 

It started with the basic essentials of the baby bib and the burp cloth, which are specifically designed to soak up the daily drool mess. Then, it was the pacifier clips, which keep pacifiers handy, clean, and double as sensory toys and teethers. And now, it has evolved to include the softest swaddles, stretchy baby and toddler headbands, fabric blocks, and the perfect scrunchies and tote bags for mama (with more to come).

Mar Designs is the place for beautiful and practical accessories for baby and mama. Each product is thoughtfully and lovingly handmade, from my home to yours. 


       My Momotaro

My Momotaro is a Latino brand that produces hand-embroidered accessories & décor by artisans in Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Our purpose is to depict the talent and skill of these local Latino communities of women and thus empower all women artisans. As a direct result, all products sold by My Momotaro are unique and of guaranteed quality.
We are proud to bring together our roots in Peru to the Colorado business world. To us, Colorado is emerging as a multicultural state that depicts a colorful and friendly ethos. We feel that our company flourishes in such an environment and helps to bring people of different cultures together.

     Naked Bandit

 NB has always been a creative, but she never dedicated time to being an artist until 2020 during the lockdown. It was during that time when her pre-med endeavors were put on pause, and she was able to truly expand on her artistic side. During this time, she had the opportunity to road trip across the Western US, which inspired many of her pieces. From old historic saloons, to hiking, and skiing, NB fell in love with what the West had to offer, and that became quite evident in her art pieces she made along the way. Unlike traditional mountain-style art prints, NB's pieces incorporate her love for the mountains with a pop-art flair that she sprinkles into every piece. Life is too short to be scared of using bright colors in artwork! 

The Naked Bandit Apres Collection is inspired in one part by all the time spent skiing, and another by all the time spent AFTER skiing. There's truly no better feeling than unclipping your ski boots, cozying up to a warm bar, and sipping a Hot Toddy or Negroni after a long ski day. That feeling alone can be captured in so many forms of my artwork, I couldn't limit myself to one piece, I had to make a whole collection of it. 



     OHippy Brand


Jenna is a Colorado Springs Native. She is the owner and creator of OHippy Brand. She created the dream that has become OHippy Brand for the sole purpose of making people’s day just a little bit brighter. OHippy Brand is for everyone looking to fill their day with just a little more brightness, through stickers that have positive messages or clothing that matches the vibe.


 On Point Beauty


We are the premiere clean hair care brand, founded and owned by South Asian and Black women. We wanted to go back to our roots and use Black and ayurvedic techniques and ingredients that illuminate natural beauty. We believe the health of our hair and scalp speaks volumes before we do. And hair care is essential to self-care.

Our vision is to be the number one women-owned clean hair care brand dedicated to providing products that promote healthy hydrated hair and scalp. Our mission is to enable people to feel good, look good, and do good, by embracing their fierce confidence and vicious locks. 

We are based in Denver, CO. We started as a hair salon in Five Points, Denver – which is a historically black neighborhood. We saw that there was a gap for clean ingredient natural hair care products targeted to people of color. We then set out on formulating hair care products partnering with a South Asian cosmetic chemist. We have developed products that cleanse to stimulate hair growth and nourishes the hair and scalp. 

Our products have amazing, vetted ingredients – and free of silicones, parabens, phthalates, no dyes, nor artificial fragrances. 

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  Pink Lemon Modern                          Boutique 

Hello! My name is Denise Taylor, and I am founder and owner of Pink Lemon Modern Boutique. I was born and raised in Northern Colorado and a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in business. I currently reside in Highlands Ranch. Entrepreneurship has always been in my DNA. I owned a direct mail and packing company before becoming a Baskin Robbins franchisee with my husband. During my tenure, I always had an inkling to own a small gift shop. In 2018, my dream became reality and I began my journey in the retail shopping space and Pink Lemon Modern Boutique was born. It started as an online shopping experience and expanded into a brick-and-mortar space in a south Denver mall.

After surviving the first year of the pandemic, I found a product that I absolutely loved! After long hours of thought and consideration, I decided to take the boutique in a new direction. Pink Lemon now focuses on Puffin Beverage Wear. The unique Colorado logoed jackets, vests, parkas, sleeping bags, and wine bags are a unique gift item for everyone.

Over the past year, I have expanded the business to 4 locations and am very excited to see where this venture takes me. I could not have done any of this without the continued support of my wonderful husband Greg, who had tolerated my ever-changing mind and direction over the past 4 years and supports the business in all accounting and financial functions.

I am honored to be part of the Three Arrows Gallery exclusive women-owned business experience.


     Potter & Clay Co.

“On a snowy day in January 2021, a little girl weighing 4lbs 8oz made her early arrival. Our beautiful baby girl was born 8 weeks early. We didn’t expect it, it was the biggest surprise of our lives…but we believed and knew in our hearts that she would survive.

Due to our daughter being born early, she was taken to the NICU right after her arrival, I was unable to connect/hold her. My husband followed her as she was wheeled to her NICU room…Little did we know the battle we would face emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

For the first few days of her life, the outcome was scary. We were not allowed to hold her. We just sat by her bedside and spoke over her health, her life, who she would grow up to be. This was all we knew to do. As the weeks passed, our baby girl overcame struggles and battles, we were amazed by her progress. She grew, she ate, she was finally healthy enough to come home with us.

We owe her life & health to the doctors and nurses of the NICU that cared relentlessly for her. We so appreciate all they gave to care for our baby. With this, we donate 10% of our monthly proceeds to NICU charities and support programs for NICU families. Our motto is “We give back for what was given to us.”


Rocky Mountain Collective

I'm Sydney Rauchut and I create handmade pressed flower jewelry and other pressed flower goods to create a collaboration of work that brings life to my heart and hopefully yours too! My love for crafting has been alive my entire life. However, I fell in love with jewelry making and preserving flowers when COVID hit my senior year of high school and I suddenly had all this free time on my hands. I am a Colorado Springs native and I wanted to create something that represented my home in a uniquely feminine and beautiful way - thus born rockymountaincollective! My small business embodies everything I hope to push out into the community. My hope and prayer is for you to feel beautifully radiant and treasured just as you were made to be when you wear my work. 10% of all profits made go to a charity or someone in need, so if you support me by shopping small, following my instagram, or sharing my business, it means the absolute world to me and someone else as well! You were made to do beautiful things with your life, I hope my jewelry can contribute to you and your journey of that!


     Rudy Adventures 

Rudy Adventures is a lifestyle brand, that specializes in base-layer hoodies for staying comfy at home or for extreme outdoor adventures.


Colorado-based Rudy Adventures is a lifestyle brand that specializes in base-layer hoodies for all your adventures. We strive to create designs that are durable and comfortable for all seasons using sustainable fabrics. Come help us bring brand awareness as we launch our Rudy Adventure Hoodies! 



 Salve Natural Body Care

Salve’ (pronounced sal-vay) is another way of saying, “hello” in Italian. It comes from the Latin word salvare which means to be well. Erika studied art in Tuscany for a summer in college and liked the alternative greeting because of the way it sounded. For her, the word embodies those amazing moments in life that you stumble upon. When formulating products, Erika considers how the skin looks and feels after using her products; also, the experience while using them. Aromatherapy is a large part of the experience. Subtle scents can help with relaxation and comfort, while others can uplift or help contemplate.

Salve’ Natural Body Care came to fruition because Erika’s youngest son had eczema. The rest of her family also had severe dry skin and went through various body products that failed. She decided to start reading about essential oils, other natural ingredients for the skin, and lotion making. With a tremendous amount of research, divine inspiration, and A LOT of prayer, SNBC was born.

If one person's skin is transformed or they better as result of using our products my job is complete. Enjoy!



 Simply Put & Perfectly Placed

Owner, Lisa Cole, originally started a home organization business, yet through the pandemic and with multiple requests for home decor and personalized gifts, her business has evolved over the years. From luxury home organizing, simplifying & staging, to handmade creations – Lisa designs and sells personalized home decor and gifts. She is passionate about home decor and design trends and loves to follow the current trends within multiple styles. As a busy mother of three, Lisa’s skills were put to task over the years organizing and managing a business and household with many moving parts, while also creating products to keep her home and others organized, simplified and trendy.  She loves visually appealing items and is proud to say is always looking for fun items with a great price point too.  She is excited to be featuring her most popular products for Three Arrows Gallery customers today!


Sojourn Well - Coming Soon!


Teresa Castaneda

I am a Colorado native, multidisciplinary artist and certified jeweler participating in national/international shows and commissions in painting, sculpture, photography, and lapidary. Recognized twice by the National Endowment for the Arts for my invention in printmaking then again for my positive impact on the community with the 12 year old zero-use project I founded called ReArranging Denver. Assemblage art made from recycled materials such as “Green Roses” produced from the project has been sold by 20 Denver retailers, The Boulder Museum of Contemporary art, Museo, and the Denver Art Museum. 

The Moxi Poppy - Coming Soon!



     Toute Douceur

Toute Douceur started in a tiny apartment galley kitchen with no dishwasher. It started in a search for self-discovery – a need to find my meaning in life. In the beginning it was a simple desire to learn and develop the skills required to create with chocolate and sugar, but over years it has evolved into what it is today. Now, Toute Douceur has become a celebration of quality ingredients and good ol’ fashioned candy making techniques.

I wish I could say that I always knew that I wanted to make candy – but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It was something I stumbled into, but also something that, once I found myself in it, I never wanted anything else. Since then, so much has happened to help me develop into the person I am today. From leaving an emotionally abusive marriage with my six-month-old daughter, to working a full-time job caring for a toddler, and still trying to build a business. Finding my true partner, best friend, and amazing father figure for my wild little girl, to finally being where I have been working towards for so many years – I am happy to say that the future looks bright.


       Twin K9 Threads


Molly, owner and creator of Twin K9 Threads (TKT) finished her chapter in life of serving in the US Air Force and created Twin K9 Threads. She was inspired by her passion for sewing and her twin black Labradors - Sig and Letty. She absolutely loves being a dog mama to these two and loves accessorizing them with fun and seasonal bandanas to stand out from others. TKT bandanas have a secure feature by slipping a collar through the bandana, so that your pup can play and live their best life with their new favorite accessory.

Along with their bandanas, TKT also offers matching, unique, satin scrunchies as a way to mix or match with your best bud. So, treat your pup and treat yourself… you deserve it!

   Unleash the Crunch 

I started making dog treats out of my parents kitchen when I was in high school. Our Labrador Retrievers would get sick every time we gave them store bought treats so I decided to make my own. Over time, I added healthier ingredients to help aid in softer skin, better gut, and everyday nutrition.

In February 2021, my husband and I got our beautiful golden retriever, ASPEN. She is my everything! Unfortunately, she has the most sensitive tummy in the world and had to go on a prescription food. I decided to try out my treats on her and it PASSED THE TEST! I launched the business officially in May 2021 because I knew there are dogs out there, just like Aspen, that need nutrition and want treats.



 Vagabond Jewelry


Kit, founder of Vagabond Jewelry, has always had a passion for both creating and fashion. Her past work in Visual Sales at Anthropologie inspired her to create statement pieces that truly inspire people. 

Kit’s process of making handmade wearable art began once she learned the basics of metalsmithing from a jeweler in Boulder over 15 years ago. After leaving her Visual Art teaching career this past year to stay at home with her baby Hux, Kit decided to embark on a new adventure. That’s how Vagabond Jewelry was born!

Kit is passionate about nature and inspired by the color schemes it has to offer. Her boho chic aesthetic is at the heart of her creations.  Kit’s desire is that the people wearing her jewelry feel bold, brave, and inspired with these one-of-a-kind statement pieces!


  Whimsicals Paperie 

Whimsicals Paperie is a woman-owned business that offers unique stationery, paper goods and gifts that are created by owner and designer, Sarah Collins. Born and raised in a small rural town in Wyoming, Sarah spent her childhood exploring the wilds outside her country home, swimming for sport, and adoring every art class she could possibly take. Her college years were spent studying fine arts and art education, and after graduating she spent years with her hands covered in oil paints and teaching art classes for young and old before she transitioned to illustrative work and stationery products.

Products focus on intentionality, organization and connection, and feature encouraging words and Sarah's hand-drawn illustrations to bring joy, beauty, and thoughtfulness into everyday life. All of Whimsicals Paperie's paper products are created in-house in Sarah’s Colorado studio.