Alight Custom Laser Crafted

As a welder, fabricator, and machinist, Jacob collected expensive equipment. With an eye for designing, his wife, Brittany started looking at his work and wondered what else she could create with the same tools.What started as art projects for her son's nursery quickly turned into a full-time home-based Laser-Crafted Goods business.Since 2017, Brittany has been creating custom designed home décor, personalized gifts, wedding pieces, business branded items and so much more. 
* Available in RiNo 


               Centennial Candle Co.

Nicki Krob, who makes her home in southwest Colorado in the quaint small town of Cortez, has always had a love of candles (an obsession really!) and a passion for her state of Colorado. In 2017, as she was planning her wedding, she stumbled upon a candle making kit. She thought, “What a cute wedding favor this would be!” The rest became history! 

After making favors for her wedding, Nicki began toying with candle making as a hobby, and soon after, her business was formed. The first candle she ever created was “The Colorado Spruce” with the intent that all her candles would be Colorado themed and have what she considers “fun little stories and tidbits” about the state on the back of her candles. 

Colorado is “The Centennial State”, so naturally, Centennial Candle Company was born. Each product created by Centennial Candle Co. is made with simple and natural ingredients. What Nicki discovered in the process of building her business is her mission to surround YOU with the VERY best!
* Available in RiNo and Central Park


                     east & market

Renee is a fiber artist who makes her home in Aurora, Colorado with her husband and two young boys. When she’s not working full time with children with disabilities as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Renee uses any spare time she can find to create. Her works include a variety of techniques to include weaving, tufting, macrame and sewing. 

This talented artist attended The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where she was formally trained in metalsmithing and crafts. Her craft has evolved over the years, and she now finds herself immersed in all-things fiber and equally passionate about east & market, her very own company!

Renee is drawn to simple but bold designs, using neutral and earth tones. She absolutely loves the freedom art allows her, and the ability to “think up” and create to her heart’s desire.

Renee’s mission is to create sustainable artwork, whether it involves using recycled materials, zero waste methods or eco-friendly supplies. Her work is inspired by ancient art, nature, geometric design, along with a huge dose of positive energy!
* Available in RiNo

                Fleetwood Candle Co.

Taylor is a ceramic and candle maker located in Thornton, CO. In 2020, Taylor was working full time as a Special Education teacher and began making candles and clay earrings as a hobby during the pandemic.

In 2021, Taylor left her career in Special Education to pursue her dream of creating art full time. That same year, she and her husband took a leap of faith and moved from their home in Rhode Island to Colorado. Once settled in Colorado, she was able to find a local community of artists that continue to inspire and encourage her work.

Taylor's love of color and flowers is showcased throughout her work and across all mediums. She is a one woman show, creating each item intricately by hand with love and good energy. She believes that gift giving is a pure form of happiness and hopes that her creations will inspire both the giver and the receiver of her products.
* Available in RiNo

                    GSQ Games

Story coming soon!
* Available in Central Park



                Hidden Lotus Crafts

Hidden Lotus Crafts Ltd. was founded by Laura Koch, who after spending seven months in India, was compelled to be a part of the solution to empower women in India and Nepal through fair wages and education, as well as her important mission to help end human trafficking. Each of their partner organizations, who provide Hidden Lotus Craft’s beautiful product assortment, is fully committed to providing safe jobs, adequate training, and the much-needed education in their fight to end exploitation and trafficking. 

Laura feels so privileged to have been able to personally meet the women and businesses that create the product offerings offered through Hidden Lotus Crafts. Each piece is handcrafted with love, a tremendous amount of talent, and the desire by women across these great countries to have their products spotlighted and sold in the efforts to be a part of the greater good.

Through this great company, it is Laura’s desire to support and empower these women, to end human trafficking, to empower women across the world, and through all their endeavors, LET HOPE RISE!
* Available in RiNo and Central Park


             Human Nature Designs

Emily Backus, designer and founder of Human Nature Designs, has a thoughtful, unique perspective on life: 

Each one of us is a part of nature, and nature is a part of each one of us. With the urban-industrial shift in mindset, our true nature is easy to forget. We spend more time staring at screens than staring at the sky, and more time listening to computers pinging than birds singing. Yet, when we hold our relationship with nature in the highest regard, we reap the benefits of better health, extended longevity, and more meaningful lives.

Profound words, ones that inspired Emily to start a company that embodied her philosophies - Human Nature Designs. Emily sees her designs as a venue to help you pay reverence to nature and your favorite places in it. She aims to bring a different kind of souvenir to the market - one that is crafted with intention and a deep appreciation for Mother Earth.
* Available in RiNo and Central Park


                   Loom Colorado

As a child, I would visit the old Spanish Guild towns of my ancestors in the beautiful countryside of Ecuador. I would stand in wonder and see all the vibrant beautiful colors in the marketplace. There my eyes could hardly take in all the bright shades of the rainbow and the warm tones of home. Then my small fingers would dance with delight from the textures of the rich woven Alpaca blankets and scarves.

The amazing craftsmanship of a Alpaca blanket is something more than to just be seen; it’s something to be felt, - something to be cherished. It’s a gift from true friends and loved ones. It’s also the perfect gift to give to yourself as well. Alpaca textiles are timeless classics.

These blankets and throws are perfect for your bedroom, living room sofa, and around your shoulders on chilly nights and mornings.

I wanted to share a part of my country’s heritage with you and so I created Loom Colorado to be your best “local” source for Ecuadorian made Alpaca blended blankets, scarves, shawls, throws, ponchos, and much, much more. I wanted to create a website that could hopefully bring you the open market experience and to bring to you items that you will truly desire and cherish for a lifetime.
* Available in RiNo and Central Park


                    My Momotaro

My Momotaro is a Latino brand that produces hand-embroidered accessories & décor by artisans in Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Our purpose is to depict the talent and skill of these local Latino communities of women and thus empower all women artisans. As a direct result, all products sold by My Momotaro are unique and of guaranteed quality.

We are proud to bring together our roots in Peru to the Colorado business world. To us, Colorado is emerging as a multicultural state that depicts a colorful and friendly ethos. We feel that our company flourishes in such an environment and helps to bring people of different cultures together.
* Available in RiNo and Central Park


       Pink Lemon Modern Boutique

Hello! My name is Denise Taylor, and I am founder and owner of Pink Lemon Modern Boutique. I was born and raised in Northern Colorado and a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in business. I currently reside in Highlands Ranch. Entrepreneurship has always been in my DNA. I owned a direct mail and packing company before becoming a Baskin Robbins franchisee with my husband. During my tenure, I always had an inkling to own a small gift shop. In 2018, my dream became reality and I began my journey in the retail shopping space and Pink Lemon Modern Boutique was born. It started as an online shopping experience and expanded into a brick-and-mortar space in a south Denver mall.

After surviving the first year of the pandemic, I found a product that I absolutely loved! After long hours of thought and consideration, I decided to take the boutique in a new direction. Pink Lemon now focuses on Puffin Beverage Wear. The unique Colorado logoed jackets, vests, parkas, sleeping bags, and wine bags are a unique gift item for everyone.

Over the past year, I have expanded the business to 4 locations and am very excited to see where this venture takes me. I could not have done any of this without the continued support of my wonderful husband Greg, who had tolerated my ever-changing mind and direction over the past 4 years and supports the business in all accounting and financial functions.

I am honored to be part of the Three Arrows Gallery exclusive women-owned business experience.
* Available in RiNo and Central Park



       Simply Put & Perfectly Placed

Owner, Lisa Cole, originally started a home organization business, yet through the pandemic and with multiple requests for home decor and personalized gifts, her business has evolved over the years. From luxury home organizing, simplifying & staging, to handmade creations – Lisa designs and sells personalized home decor and gifts. She is passionate about home decor and design trends and loves to follow the current trends within multiple styles. As a busy mother of three, Lisa’s skills were put to task over the years organizing and managing a business and household with many moving parts, while also creating products to keep her home and others organized, simplified and trendy.  She loves visually appealing items and is proud to say is always looking for fun items with a great price point too.  She is excited to be featuring her most popular products for Three Arrows Gallery customers today!
* Available in RiNo and Central Park



              Splash N Go Farm

We are an adventurous husband and wife team that are the proud owners of Splash N Go Farm. We produce handcrafted and homegrown goods for our local communities and beyond. We have a passion for creating things with our hands and enjoy sharing with others!

We are located on the front range of Colorado just outside of the town of Lafayette. As a small business, we treasure our customers. We believe in providing excellent customer service and only selling goods that we would buy ourselves. 

The Splash N Go name is in memory of a special labrador retriever of ours who loved to run as fast as he could and leap into the water to retrieve his favorite toy.
* Available in RiNo and Central Park



        Unique Resin Art by Marlies

I am a one-person operation and pride myself on the unique epoxy resin art pieces I create. No two pieces are ever identical due to the material and many variables that come into play during the creative process. 

I only use top-quality epoxy resin that is either food grade or food safe and heat- and scratch-resistant. Because everything is handmade, there can be slight imperfections, but that is art, not manufacturing!

In May of 2022, while watching YouTube videos, I came across several resin artists and was intrigued by their work. Especially, I liked the challenge that epoxy resin poses. Long story short, I spent 3-5 hours a day watching resin tutorials for the next 3 months. I was hooked after finding the courage to try my hands at the craft! This art gives me so much joy, and I am happy to share it with like-minded people.
*Available in RiNo and Central Park




Urban Blu Boutique

Urban Blu provides a variety of items from jewelry to clothes to something to put a smile on someone’s face. With its unique gifts you’re bound to find something. Urban Blu’s style is Boho meets Hippie Chic. Urban Blu wants to ignite a smile and “pay it forward” to a friend or stranger. We all need more “Happy” in the world!

Urban Blu’s owner, Michelle, hails from North Carolina. She and her family went through a long journey of infertility treatments, adoption applications, and fostering kids, when she decided to find her own happy place. She opened her first retail location in North Carolina. It was tiny but she filled it with colorful, fun and cheerful items. Fast forward multiple locations, two kids, three dogs and a move to Colorado, where she still has her happy and fun space. Her family is a big part of how and what products she chooses.
* Available in Central Park