Art of Left Field

I've always loved baseball. I'm told when I was a baby I had colic and would only stop crying when a baseball game was on tv. As I got older my baseball love had highs and lows just like in any relationship. I remember hiding under the covers in middle school, watching Braves games on a tiny Sony Watchman black and white tv with an antenna, hoping I wouldn't get caught. I went to college in Boulder and hearing anyone utter the word baseball was rare. During that time I'd watch the World Series and that was it. Then I moved near the ballpark in Denver and all the baseball love came back. It's been there ever since.

Since childhood I either took or taught some kind of art class. I even went to CU Boulder as an art major. 

I always thought of those as 2 very different sides of me. It never occurred to me that I could create a life for myself that revolves around both baseball and art. Then I made a necklace out of a baseball for myself. I had spent time searching for the perfect baseball accessory and was unable to find what I was looking for, so I made it myself. That's where it all began. My love of baseball and art led to the creation of Art of Left Field, a place where I can combine my passions. My primary focus is to take a real piece of what you love and make it into something you can wear, whether it be a baseball, a baseball glove, or even a beer can. Hopefully you enjoy the pieces I've made as much as I enjoy creating them!
* Available in RiNo



Be-stow is the multi-generational team of father-daughter duo, Kim McClelland and Noelle Shearer. Noelle grew up surrounded by art and beauty and her desire is to continue to add beauty to the world by creating affordable, accessible art. She designs and creates in brass and leather, often including her dad's incredible scrimshaw engravings. Kim has been an award-winning scrimshaw artist since 1975, and has had his work featured around the world, including at the White House.

"There's something wonderful about finding the perfect gift, for someone else, or for yourself! Be-stow exists for those special moments- adding handmade beauty to your life, and to those you care most about. Enjoy your handmade gift and know that your purchase helps support our refugee neighbors in the Denver Metro area through Project Worthmore."
* Available in RiNo and Central Park


             Dante Perozzi Jewelry

Owner Dante has a background and education in sculpture and new genre artwork from which she showcased in LA where she lived. After a metal smithing class, she acquired a new material skillset to incorporate into the body of her sculptural work. Becoming quickly obsessed with the new medium, she began translating her sculptural forms into wearable jewelry designs.

In her studio practice, each new design is building on the last. She often finds small elements of previous designs that inspire her on the merit of their form. Pulling them forward to develop them into new ideas and a cohesive collection to keep her connected to her artistic foundations while bringing purposeful, powerful objects into the world.

DPJ Studio is committed to eco-efficient practices using only recycled metals and ethically sourced materials whenever possible. Dante primarily works with sterling silver and brass using the Lost Wax casting method, which means she first creates her designs in wax and then casts them into metal. Additionally, she uses fabrication techniques such as shaping and forming designs directly from sheets of metal and wire.
* Available in RiNo and Central Park


                     Fuzed Jewelry

We are Fuzed, a concept of jewelry designed to last forever. We offer custom measured pieces of jewelry that are permanently welded- no clasps here. Our pieces are sweatproof, waterproof, and hypoallergenic.
* Available in RiNo and Central Park



                 Heritage & Bloom

Allison Song is the designer and proud owner of Heritage & Bloom, a small batch accessories brand. She is a Korean American creative entrepreneur currently living in Fort Collins, Colorado with her husband and two brindle fur babies.

With a lifelong love of working and creating with her hands, Allison is passionate about sharing her favorite designs with the world around her. She views her company as a means to intersect her passion for handmade accessories with the exploration of her cultural traditions. She is constantly inspired by the juxtaposition and balance of life. 

Through Heritage & Bloom, Allison’s intent is to unearth and discover more of her personal narrative with hopes of inspiring others to do the same. She desires to create a space where contrasts can not only co-exist, but also inspire a harmonious and beautiful balance when bridged together - the old with the new, the broken with the beautiful, the raw with the refined, and the roots with the blooms.
* Available in RiNo


                 Honey Co Creative

Honey Co is a unique collection of handmade jewelry and textile art made for the conscious shopper in search of one-of-a-kind conversation pieces. Each beautiful piece is crafted by hand or created in very small batches, right here in Denver, Colorado!

Karli founded Honey Co as an outlet to channel her love and passion for creating things of beauty. She focuses on creating pieces that explore organic lines and textures. Karli uses traditional techniques of metalsmithing in her jewelry, as well as different forms of fabric manipulation in her textile art. She describes her style of making as “perfectly imperfect”. 

This Honey Co artist loves pulling inspiration from anything and everything around her. Many of her works are an abstraction of beautiful simplicities that she encounters in everyday life. Karli hopes that her work can bring as much joy to the people who enjoy it as it does for her when she creates it! 
* Available in RiNo 



                    Indigo Avenue

Indigo Avenue is a small ring business local to Fort Collins, Colorado, that is based around conservation and sustainability. Each ring is made from various antique spoons and up cycled to make a one-of-a-kind jewelry. 10% of every ring sold at Indigo Avenue is donated to an organization called Boon Lotts Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand. Boon Lotts primary focus is to rehabilitate elephants who have suffered from abuse and starvation for most of their lives.
* Available in RiNo and Central Park



                     LUX + LUCA

Cassandra (Cassie) Lourie is a self-taught jewelry designer + metalsmith originally from Santa Barbara, CA. After moving to Denver from California in 2010, Cassie found a love for up cycled + steampunk style jewelry after a life changing trip to Burning Man. Overflowing with ideas from that trip, she began to make jewelry for herself + as gifts for others. Gradually, with the help of YouTube + a lot of trial + error, Cassie began to hone her craft + her first jewelry line was created: Broken Revolt. In 2012, Cassie won Denver Accessory Artist of the Year, giving her the confidence she needed to begin turning her hobby into a Side Hustle for actual money. In 2016, she made the life changing decision to turn her passion into a full-blown career + with that, Lux + Luca Jewelry Company was born.

Lux + Luca became one part snark + sass + one part bold + elegance. Joan Jett meets Farrah Fawcett, Leather + Lace, Motor oil + Champagne. Cassie wanted to create a jewelry line that was a perfect marrying of Bold + Feminine while inspiring people to step outside their comfort zones + embracing the Grit + Grace that is our everyday lives. Lux + Luca is for everyone with a little edge or anyone who wants some.  Lux + Luca will continue to evolve + bring you the highest quality with the uniqueness + personal attention you have grown to love + expect. And as always, Lux + Luca has your back + neck + wrist.

Welcome To The (Girl) Gang!
* Available in RiNo and Central Park



                  Morse & Mantra

Hi friends! I’m Victoria, and I created Morse & Mantra out of a desire to create beautiful and meaningful gifts!  Through Morse & Mantra, I am able to craft lovely, graceful pieces of wearable art -by hand- for my friends and family... and for yours, too! I was once given a Morse Code gift with my children’s names in code, by a dear friend of mine, and was inspired to share the joy I felt from receiving such a personalized present.  That joy, along with an admiration of all members of the the United States military and the military history of Morse Code were the catalysts behind Morse & Mantra!

I make each Morse & Mantra piece by hand, using some custom combination of 100% silk cord or genuine sterling silver chain, sterling silver beads, Swarovski crystals, black onyx stone, snowflake obsidian, and more.

And don’t forget that Morse & Mantra Coded Circlets make splendid personalized gifts, stocking & basket stuffers, or inspirational remembrances. Wear them alone, or stack them for a stylish yet classic look. I look forward to creating a Coded Circlet just for you!
* Available in RiNo and Central Park


           Rocky Mountain Collective

I'm Sydney Rauchut and I create handmade pressed flower jewelry and other pressed flower goods to create a collaboration of work that brings life to my heart and hopefully yours too! My love for crafting has been alive my entire life. However, I fell in love with jewelry making and preserving flowers when COVID hit my senior year of high school and I suddenly had all this free time on my hands. I am a Colorado Springs native and I wanted to create something that represented my home in a uniquely feminine and beautiful way - thus born rockymountaincollective! My small business embodies everything I hope to push out into the community. My hope and prayer is for you to feel beautifully radiant and treasured just as you were made to be when you wear my work. 10% of all profits made go to a charity or someone in need, so if you support me by shopping small, following my Instagram, or sharing my business, it means the absolute world to me and someone else as well! You were made to do beautiful things with your life, I hope my jewelry can contribute to you and your journey of that!
* Available in RiNo and Central Park


                  Simply Calluna

Hello, I’m Heather Poage, the Designer and creator of Simply Calluna — a jewelry brand for those looking to elevate their vibe, ground their spirit, and fuel their soul.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been drawn to the energy of crystals and adorned my body with stone jewelry. After experimenting with metals, textures, and gems, I have finetuned my jewelry style and process so that it’s functional, appealing, and full of magic.

As a Denver-based artist, my pieces are inspired by the snowcapped mountains, pastel sunsets, flowing rivers, and natural beauty that surrounds me.

Every piece is made with high quality curated gemstones, polished metal, and lots and lots of love.

/kəˈl(y)ünə / noun

An evergreen plant with vibrant purple flowers also known as the Heather flower. Its botanical name, Calluna, stems from the Greek word Kállos which means to beautify or adorn.

All earrings are designed and created in our cozy Denver studio ☽
* Available in RiNo and Central Park


                     Sojourn Well 

We create jewelry from our cabin in the woods that's inspired by nature and the people who love to be in nature. That means high quality jewelry that will last even if you wear it hiking and climbing. We love natural gemstones and do a lot of fused and soldered metal work.

I began Sojourn Well right out of high school and have been doing it full time since 2016. In 2019 my husband and I built a jewelry studio in a camper, packed up our life in rural Virginia, and hit the road. After 1.5 years of full time RV boondocking and exploring to find the place we wanted to call home, we finally found just the right spot in little Woodland Park, CO.

I hope you find something you love. Thank you so much for helping to make our dream possible by supporting our small handmade business.
* Available in RiNo and Central Park


The Mountain Maniac

The Mountain Maniac is a micro boutique with a fun mixture of modern, & boho styles that center around selling leather accessories, drink-ware holders, purses, and my personal line of handcrafted jewelry. My motto is to provide high quality gifts and products to my customers that have been founded and created by small batch companies like myself. I especially love to support other ‘women owned’ small businesses like myself, when possible.
* Available in RiNo and Central Park


Triptophonic Studios

One of my favorite forms of collectable art is jewelry! It can be expressive - funky and loud, or subtle - dainty and classy. Above all, jewelry is a form of wearable art that showcases our mood, and our individual taste in fashion.

I love conversational jewelry, especially those vibrant in colors and sparkles.  I am fond of mixing mediums from Swarovski crystals, genuine pearls, vintage objects, to tiny seed beads in my designs. My journey of making jewelry began in college where it helped fund some of my tuition fees. Since then, I have continued creating pieces that I feel showcase different phases of my life journey. I think my designs have evolved, but continue to be informed by my fun, free days as a student. Now, as a not-so-free but fun parent, I enjoy offering wearable, expressive art at an attainable price. 
* Available in RiNo and Central Park 


                Vagabond Jewelry

Kit, founder of Vagabond Jewelry, has always had a passion for both creating and fashion. Her past work in Visual Sales at Anthropologie inspired her to create statement pieces that truly inspire people. 

Kit’s process of making handmade wearable art began once she learned the basics of metalsmithing from a jeweler in Boulder over 15 years ago. After leaving her Visual Art teaching career this past year to stay at home with her baby Hux, Kit decided to embark on a new adventure. That’s how Vagabond Jewelry was born!

Kit is passionate about nature and inspired by the color schemes it has to offer. Her boho chic aesthetic is at the heart of her creations.  Kit’s desire is that the people wearing her jewelry feel bold, brave, and inspired with these one-of-a-kind statement pieces!
* Available in RiNo and Central Park