31.13 Upcycled Shirts

Welcome to 31.13 up cycled flannels, denim shirts and jackets.  I am a resident of Central Park - decorate by day and utilize my BFA in fiber arts into this passion project.  As a full time student in my early 20’s I went to many a Grateful Dead shows and sold my handmade dresses on the lot to make my ticket money…30ish years later I still love seeing live music and the kindness of the live music community.  Summer of 2023 I was at Dead and CO concert and saw a cute flannel with a spray painted 13 point lightning bolt - it got my wheels spinning in how I could make an old flannel even cuter - this is what evolved.  I love thrifting and up cycling - I handpick each flannel, wash and iron.  I hand pick all the fabrics to use with the shirts, hand cut the design, tack on to the shirt, and hand sew each design to the back of the shirt.  I gives me such joy to find a great worn in flannel and giving it a new life!

Designs on the shirts:

- 13 point lighting bolt, a symbol associated with the Grateful Dead.

- Rainbows and 15 - so if you are a Billy Strings fan you will understand the rainbows and 15 shirt. If you haven’t heard of him, prior to the start of his concert you will hear an announcement “15 minutes until fuzzy rainbows” before they come on stage.
* Available in Central Park

                 Algorythm Designs

Algorythm designs was created as a remedial effort in the sustainable clothing movement, practicing these ethics diligently through the production of all of their products. The highest form of sustainability is the continued use of a product so we "re-design" brand new products that couldn't be sold by the original manufacturer. This gives the garment new life and another chance to enter the market with a higher value and original design. Owner, Crys Shannon creates each piece with a unique fabric design and uses stitch work and graphic design elements to give the concept dimension. Each jacket is a one-of-a-kind piece that will never be made the same way.
* Available in RiNo 



                  The August Poppy

I'm Christie, owner, designer & maker. I was born and raised in beautiful Colorado where I live with my husband, our 2 boys and our cat, Loki.

I’ve loved making jewelry & art since childhood using different textiles & mediums. I’m a self-taught sewist who continually strives to educate myself in different techniques. I’ve created & designed items from quilts, to costumes & housewares.

In my passion to be creative, I've discovered a love for making bags & hand-stamped jewelry. There are so many ways to customize & make them unique. I love the process of finding a pattern, curating the fabric styles, hardware & materials needed, and putting forth the energy to see my vision become a tangible item.

Each item is created & designed in my home studio with thoughtfulness & love. I get my inspiration from geometric shapes, gemstones, flora & fauna, astronomy & anatomies.
* Available in RiNo



               Daisy Cutter Designs 

Cindy Chavez, owner of Daisy Dog Designs Co & Daisy Cutter Designs, became a seamstress 19 years ago. Coming from a family of tailors from Mexico, Cindy is proud to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps who ran a suit company for men. Cindy started with her women’s clothing company, Daisy Cutter Designs about five years ago. Incorporating dog clothes 2 years with Daisy Dog Designs, Cindy fills her micro shops with all her favorite items. She loves gathering items from all over to share with her customers.   
* Available in RiNo

                   Duendes Tejidos

Duendes Tejidos is made and created by Nancy and Monica, Colombian immigrants, living in Colorado.

Our work and dedication with Duendes Tejidos, is a rich and multifaceted woven art that combines tradition, creativity, and technical skills. It's a medium that allows us to express ourselves, tell stories, and create beauty through the threads we intertwine.
* Available in RiNo and Central Park



                     Junque Food 

Junk food is traditionally a naughty word – don’t eat junk food, it’s rot your teeth, make you gain weight, blah blah blah. I took the idea of something that is meant to be negative and wanted to make it all about positivity. Because girl, you deserve that donut AND that cute headband, mmmkayyy. I grew up with entrepreneurial parents who were either hustling a paper route to be home with the babies or selling cars out of the front yard to make ends meet. When I grew up, I wanted two things: a family and a business I could call my own. Along the way I learned that I didn’t just want to have a business to make ends meet, I wanted a business where I felt like I was helping others and where I could share my passion for body positivity. In 2020 I started to make and donate masks to healthcare heroes to help with something I knew how to do – sew! From there Junque Food was born. 
* Available in RiNo and Central Park


                   Kompass Apparel 

Kompass Apparel is outdoor-inspired lifestyle clothing for men and women. Kynsi, started this brand in 2015 after graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in apparel merchandising. Kynsi is a Colorado native and outdoor enthusiast which has lead her to explore many places in Colorado and all over the world. Each design is thoughtfully created by hand and influenced by one of her adventures. Her clothes are made from a triblend material making them super soft and great for layering and are printed locally in Denver, Colorado. Kynsi is passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle and she wants to motivate people to "Find Their Path" in life and pursue it while feeling confident in themselves. 
* Available in RiNo and Central Park


                      Kairos Traders

The owners of Kairos Traders partner with unique, yet remarkable small businesses all over the world. Each business brings employment to impoverished communities that are source villages for human trafficking and exploitation, or they are hiring survivors of human trafficking, exploitation, or marginalization.

Kairos Traders believe that they have the opportunity to make a difference in these issues and want to invite you to be a part of a new shopping experience that is purposeful.
* Available in RiNo and Central Park


                      Mar Designs 

The world of baby and toddler accessories can be overwhelming. As I was pulling together my baby registry in preparation for the arrival of our daughter in 2019, I had a hard time finding products that were neutral and functional. The main questions I asked myself were "what are the absolute essentials and will they work as needed?". To be sure of the answers, I decided to make those products myself. 

It started with the basic essentials of the baby bib and the burp cloth, which are specifically designed to soak up the daily drool mess. Then, it was the pacifier clips, which keep pacifiers handy, clean, and double as sensory toys and teethers. And now, it has evolved to include the softest swaddles, stretchy baby and toddler headbands, fabric blocks, and the perfect scrunchies and tote bags for mama (with more to come).

Mar Designs is the place for beautiful and practical accessories for baby and mama. Each product is thoughtfully and lovingly handmade, from my home to yours. 
* Available in RiNo and Central Park



               NoellieBellie Boutique

I'm Rachel Combs, the creator behind NoellieBellie Boutique. A little about me, I love going on small adventures including exploring cute antique shops and enjoy meeting other makers and finding inspiration in the world around me.

In September 2020, during the chaos of the pandemic, I decided to bring my dreams to life and create NoellieBellie Boutique. At the time, it was a side hustle that became an artistic sanctuary for me and helped me find fulfillment during uncertain times.

Fast forward to today, my life has changed in the most beautiful ways. I am not only an entrepreneur and wife, but also a stay-at-home mom to an adorable baby boy. It's a balancing act to take care of my family and run a successful business, but we manage!

At NoellieBellie Boutique, I put my heart and soul into creating my products. Every stitch and detail represents a piece of me. I also am a huge advocate of empowering and uplifting others through my business.

My main goal is to bring joy to people through my creations. Whether you want something special for yourself or to give to a loved one, I hope NoellieBellie Boutique can bring happiness and touch hearts all around the world.
*Available in RiNo




                   Spruce Seed

Spruce Seed wants you to DELIGHT IN NATURE. Our inspiration for our line comes from adventuring outside. Spruce Seed Trucker Hats, Iron On Patches, Vinyl Stickers and Graphic Tees are all designed with the intention of invoking that sense of of happiness you feel when you are outside in nature! We hope our colorful designs inspire you to push your boundaries!! xo
* Available in RiNo and Central Park



Stella Violet Boutique

I’m Amanda, the owner of Stella Violet Boutique. As a single mom of two amazing little girls, I created Stella Violet Boutique for busy women just like me. My style is classic and put together, and once I realized that I could curate my wardrobe and share my finds with friends, Stella Violet was born.

Browsing our collections online, you’ll find an array of women’s and children’s clothing. We specialize in soft, comfy, cozy pieces that let you be comfortable while looking pulled together.

Catch up with us on our Weekly Facebook Lives or contact us to find out about Events & Trunk Shows in the Denver area.
* Available in Central Park



                   The Moxi Poppy 

Explore what Colorado artists and other local vendors have to offer in this whimsical creative Co-Op. From adorable handmade jewelry and ceramics to inspiring greeting cards and bold prints, there's a treasure for every walk of life waiting be discovered. Blossom curiosity & endless possibility every time you enter this magical space!
* Available in RiNo and Central Park