Founded in 2017, DoggieDiggz originated to create high-quality, personalized pet items. Made from repurposed woods, organic cotton fabrics, and eco-friendly materials, we're dedicated to being a friend to our planet as much as we are to our customers. 

Supporting DoggieDiggz means supporting our Earth and all the wonderful things it has to offer us. We hope that our dedication to the things we make and the impact we have on our world speaks throughout each hand-made product you purchase from us. 
* Available in RiNo and Central Park

                  Twin K9 Threads

Molly, owner and creator of Twin K9 Threads (TKT) finished her chapter in life of serving in the US Air Force and created Twin K9 Threads. She was inspired by her passion for sewing and her twin black Labradors - Sig and Letty. She absolutely loves being a dog mama to these two and loves accessorizing them with fun and seasonal bandanas to stand out from others. TKT bandanas have a secure feature by slipping a collar through the bandana, so that your pup can play and live their best life with their new favorite accessory.

Along with their bandanas, TKT also offers matching, unique, satin scrunchies as a way to mix or match with your best bud. So, treat your pup and treat yourself… you deserve it!
* Available in RiNo and Central Park